Rise of the Rebellion


(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


It’s been a while since I’ve written last. I have found a rare crystal for my lightsaber that will work great with both light and dark side powers. I’ve also found Master Wu. But I gave up everything that I have become…..

I had a vision of the planet Volik. Master Wu was sitting in front of me. He told me that I had to come here and scale this mountain. There would be a cave and a test. There was more to the vision, but I find my self distracted and don’t want to write everything out right now. I talked it over with Mebo and he found the planet. We made the jump. We then landed on the planet and I left Mebo and droids on the ship. I hiked to the mountain and then ventured the cold of the high peaks. After an eternity of being cold, I made it to the cave. When I entered the cave, you could feel the dark side strongly in the cave. As I started down the cave, there was Sith Kid standing at the entrance. We exchanged words, which honestly I don’t remember. There was rage building in me from what he did to Sapha. I let rage consume me and we battled. I didn’t seem to take long. When he was down, I offered him a chance to join me. But he disappeared. He was the test to enter the cave. I made my way inside and noticed the walls were showing two different scenes on the surface. One was with Lihn, him and I were slaughtering our way through storm troopers. My eyes were red and I could tell that I let the dark side consume me. There was power in the that scene on the way, power that is too tempting. On the other was was Master Wu and I battling storm troopers. There was more finesse in this scene. Master and I were cutting through the enemy with the grace that only strong Jedi can. They both ended with fighting the Emperor. On the light side I was cut down at the end. On the dark side Lihn saves me from a killing blow by the Emperor, but is killed. Then I kill the Emperor. I then noticed a box, there was holo projector and a crystal. I watched the projector and Master Wu left me a message and gave the info to find him on a ship. He was in a device similar to what I was found in.

I left the cave and returned to the ship. During my time away. Mebo and the droids battled a small force of storm troopers. Which they took out with minimal damage. I showed Mebo the info from Master Wu and he figure out where Master Wu would be.

We made the jump and found his ship. After we docked with the ship, we went inside and found out that Master Wu was gone and Sith Kid had taken him from a video footage’s from the ship.

We searched the ship and then found a homing beacon that was connected from docking with Master Wu’s ship. We then planned a jump so we could get somewhere we could take the device off. But during the hyperspace jump, I had a vision of Master Wu being tortured. He was in terrible pain. He managed to tell me the coordinates to where he was at. We got rid of the beacon. Then headed to the place. I changed into my old Jedi robes, I wanted Master Wu to see me as the Jedi that I have become. We arrived on a small moon that had mutiple imperial factories. I managed to find the spot. But the facility core was starting to melt down and new that we didn’t have much time before it would go critical.

We landed on a pad. Mebo, the droids and I proceeded into the facility. When had to cut a door to get into the facility. When we did, we where attacked by some droids, they were designed to kill Jedi. My lightsaber didn’t do very much damage. We first lost Dr. Dave droid, then Muscles Glasses fell. The droids were tough and we where out matched. We managed to put 5 down before Mebo fell unconscious and I destroyed the last one. I had to use some dark side force powers, I wasn’t in good shape.

Then Master Wu stepped out and used the force to move Mebo out of my reach. I could feel the dark side on Master Wu. The Sith kid was around here somewhere and I was worried about Mebo. The sith killed one of my friends, I couldn’t let Mebo die. Master Wu said he fell to the dark side and was trying to convince me to join him. I knew I would lose a fight with Wu and my friend would die. I asked Master Wu that if I join him, Mebo would have to live and be set free. Master Wu wanted me to follow him, so I followed Master Wu into another room and there was Mebo on the ground. When I rounded the corner Master Wu disappeared. I grabbed up Mebo and then used my cloak power. Master Wu seemed to be able to follow me, but he didn’t attack. I checked Mebo and he seemed to be alive.

I was out matched, defeated, and angered. I still had the rage inside of me, the dark power so tempting. I know that I can control it, but not for how long. I would rather risk myself then let another friend die. I yelled at Master Wu and told him that I would join him, but only if Mebo could get away. I would put Mebo on the ship, set it to leave and then I would freely give myself to him. Master Wu agreed. As I carried Mebo to the ship, my life falling apart around me, I realized that life as a Jedi is over. My last action of a Jedi would be saving my friend. I knew I was being followed, but couldn’t see Master Wu. I set the ship on auto pilot and set it to leave the facility. I stood at the entrance to the ship, as the doors started to close I used the force power Vital Transfer and healed Mebo. I pushed him into the ship and watched him fly away. I yelled for Master Wu, but no one answered. I searched around, didn’t find the Sith Kid or Master Wu. I then realized that I was conned, gave up everything and while attempting to save my friend. I might have killed him instead. The anger, the rage, consumed me as I started scream.



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