Rise of the Rebellion

Fallen Warrior

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


The nightmares of the fighting arena still wake me up in the middle of the night. I’ll jump up out of the bed and ignite my lightsaber, takes me a couple of seconds to realize that I’m not there. Its time to see if I can find General Kota, I need to be around a Jedi to see if I’m tainted from this last mission. The rage is easier to bring forth ever sense I allowed it to take over, I found my calm and subdued it, but I find myself drawn to the power that it can bring……

After we healed up from fighting the beasts, Captain K checked us out and was impressed on our speedy recovery. I might have done us more harm than good. Malius was then taken from the cells, the guards acted like this would be Malius’s last fight and he wasn’t going to win. After what seemed like a eternity, Malius was dragged back in. He was hurt real bad and didn’t look like he was going to make it. I convinced Captain K to let Mebo to switch cells with Malius and let me aide Malius as best a I could. Captain K agreed and he also gave me a extra bucket of water to help hydrate Malius. When the guards left I vital transferred Malius in hopes to save him and then placed him a trance to speed up his recovery.

The next morning Captain K checked on Malius and was surprised by what he saw. I think he knows more that he is letting on about us, but I can’t sit by and not try to help. We waited in our cells for a little while than was told to prepare for the next battle. Mebo and I stretched out, well Mebo danced in his cell. Its funny to watch him dance with no music. We were then escorted to the hall leading to the arena. There was eight other prisoners there, were told to grab a blaster pistol and then we were then escorted to the arena.

We stood in the center of the arena as the commander told us that we would fighting each other to the death. The commander then told us that we would fight or their snipers would take us out. Mebo and I looked at each other, I knew that I couldn’t kill him. He took off running then slid in the dirt pointing his blaster pistol at the other eight people. We all stood there for a second and then one of the other slaves opened fire. One slave looked at me and raised his pistol, but I got him before he was able to fire. It wasn’t even a real fight, Mebo and I cleared the group with out taking a hit. I did notice that Mebo tried to shoot the Commander of the Stormtrooper unit, but he had a shield around the pavilion he was standing in. When all the other slaves were either dead or knocked out, Mebo started piling bodies and then crawled underneath them to help protect him from the snipers.

I screamed to the crowd, “You call this a fight, this was a slaughter. Give us a real challenge!” The crowd booed, but then the Commander then said that we would fight their champion.

We returned to our cells and Malius seems to fully recover. We waited til they got us ready, we were blindfolded and then escorted out. When we were brought to the arena we were told that we would fight their champion hand to hand to the death. When they pulled the blindfolds off we saw Malius standing opposite of us with a ring of guards around us. Malius looked concerned. Mebo looked troubled, I can’t explain what was going through his head. We were stuck in this mission and the only thing to do was win.

I approached Malius, extended my hand, “May the best fighter win and live!” He grabbed my forearm and I did his. During that moment Malius and I understood what is to be warriors. Warriors that have no choice but to fight, realized that one of us was going to die, and that if there is a time to die then it’s better to be killed by a foe that you respected. It’s the cathar way, the warrior way, but not always the Jedi way.

The commander yelled for the fight to begin and neither of us hesitated. I knew that it would be a tough fight for Mebo and I. I was out of my element, a true Jedi has his lightsaber and knows enough force powers to help him out. I had neither, but there was a rage in me that I had damned off of my emotions. I could feel its power waiting on me to use it and I knew that if I didn’t try my hardest, Mebo and I would be dead. I let go of all the training Master Wu taught me and embraced the rage. To feel that power course through your body is exhilarating. We fought. Can’t remember much of the details, but he hits hard. The last thing I remember is a impact that felt like a speeder hit me in the face, I was falling. I saw Mebo trading punches, and there was a sense of calm that I had never felt before. The rage was gone and then blackness.

I woke up in my cell, Mebo told me Captain K fixed me up. Mebo managed to beat Malius and then kill him. I know it troubles my friend, but there is not much to say. I woke up in the middle of the night, there was a trooper standing outside of my cell. He looked off, like something was wrong. Then there was a familiar sound as a red lightsaber burst through his chest and then he fell limp to the floor. Captain Lihn was standing behind the dead trooper. He set us free and we got our supplies that he had. It was surprising to see Lihn standing there with a lightsaber, I knew then he was a sith. We talked, he doesn’t like the Empire, and if there is a time when we have to fight then so be it. But now isn’t the time. We completed the objectives of letting the Warrior Caste of the Geonosians free. We got to command room of the the droid facility. I talked Captain K out of fighting us, we took out the guards and then Mebo collected some data from the computers. I gave K some options of what we can do for him, but encouraged him to help us. We met with the Queen of the Geonosians and helped lay the ground work for a working relationship in the future. I was tired of this planet. We gave our goodbye to Lihn and left the planet.



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