Rise of the Rebellion

I have failed.

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


I’m all alone. Doubt, grief, anger, pain, and depression. Those are feelings that I’m not accustom too. It’s all I can do in following the Jedi code. The cathar in me wants revenge. These feeling will lead me to the dark side if I can’t control them. Sapha was one of the strongest Jedi that I had ever meet. She had so much potential….

We approached our ship with storm trooper in front of it. I had a plan. Mebo and Sapha was supposed to ride up to the ship and see what the storm troopers will do. I new they would attack us, because that is what they do. But Mebo and Sapha thought different. Sapha jumps off of her speeder and attempted to let it fly off into a storm trooper. I cloaked myself and got into position to attack the commander of the squad. But Mebo decides to use his speeder as a plow. He takes out three storm troopers, hits me and the squad commander. We take out the squad. The ship was grounded and we needed to go to the control tower to release it. We searched the ship and found a big bomb. Mebo is the man, or should I say the duros. The bomb had a remote detonator. We took the bomb out of the ship and found the ships of the squad. We planted the bomb in one of the ships. We go to the control tower, take out the guards and then headed up the tower.

There was Sith, a younger Clawdite. He was strong in the force. We fought. I was relying on Sapha to sway the battle. She is stronger and a better Jedi than I am. But she went down, the Sith pointed his lightsaber at her neck. I knew that I would have a problem taking him out, so I dropped my lightsaber and decided to throw my jet pack at his feet. I was hoping Mebo would use one of his grenades and explode the jet pack. But Mebo didn’t and the Sith smiled, I will never forget that look of delight that crossed his face. He took Sapha head off. I then drew my holdout pistol, shot and exploded the jet pack. It hurt the Sith but didn’t kill him. He used force grip, I felt a strong grip on my neck. I tried to breathe, nothing. I started to panic. This was it, all the unanswered questions, my pathetic life was over. I thought there would be a sense of serenity before I would die and then blackness.

I thought my time was at the ended, but I woke up in the back of a small service vehicle with Mebo driving. He had taken out the Sith with some grenades, but didn’t kill him. Because when I looked back to the control tower, I saw Sapha’s lightsaber ignited sticking out of the door. He knew our comlinks and told us he would find us.

We left on the ship, Mebo had unlocked the ship. As we were flying off we noticed the imperial ship blew up. When we left atmo, we encountered a Imperial destroyer. One of the biggest ships I have ever seen. We engaged a small squad of Tie fighters, took them out and then our nav computer was done with its calculations and we headed to Tatooine. We had some damage from the flight there and fixed the ship. We found a tracking device, placed it on another ship and left after refueling.

We held our package from the contact so he would contact us. He got in touch with us, showed us some reports and that he was trying to keeps us out of the Empire hands. He confirmed that he wants to take out the Empire, so we are still his pawns.



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