Rise of the Rebellion

New Friends

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


I’m a soldier again, my life is not my own anymore. A life of soldier isn’t like the life of a Jedi, and I’m dedicated to defeating empire. I’m seeking harmony in my life and its hard to maintain it. They (whoever it is) have taken everything from me and I still don’t know how this came to be. No one knows the answers, but I think the Contact knows more than he lets on. I’ll have to ask him about my past and see what he says.

Our new mission was to get a experimental ship off of the wookie home world, Kashyyk. The Contact hooked up with intel of a convoy that would be interrupted with a gravity well. He then helps us acquire some droids. Mebo put them together, I got a soldier droid. Muscles Glasses is what we call him, he is melee fighter that specializes in force pikes. Mebo put together a medical droid, Dr. David Doucovny, kind of a wuss and not very good in combat. Mebo also designed a new missile that when contact of a ship and penetrates the hull, it will unleash a modified buzz droid that will take out the ship if shot hits in the right spot. The Contact wants us to stop the convoy, defeat the escort, acquire the supply ship and proceed to Kashyyk to get a new designed ship.

We arrive at the convoy location, shortly after the ships fall out of hyperspace because of the gravity well. We shot the cargo ship with the modified missile, then proceed to take out all but one escort. The ship was fast and we couldn’t take it out. During that time, the buzz droid opened the ship to space and all but two of the ship’s crew died. We knocked out the last two members and secured them. Transferred the ship cargo to our own and proceeded to Kashyyk. We got our information for landing from the crew member and landed. We made up a story of radiation and hoped it would work to get us in the facility. We managed to get close to the hanger before we were found out. Took out the guards, then went inside. In the hanger we defeated the guards, but not before they managed to delete some info from their computers and possibly the ship.



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