Rise of the Rebellion


(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


Mebo and I got into his stealth ship, and we headed off to rescue Ackbar. As we waited for the ships to arrive, Mebo engaged the stealth. After a little while, the ships appeared. But it wasn’t too long before they found out we were there and they split. The Admiral with his escorts went one way and the prisoner ship with escorts went the opposite direction. Mebo and I went after the ship with the prisoner. We managed to disable the ship by shooting it. There was a vergence in the force, I used farseeing and saw the prisoner transport ship pilot pull out his blaster pistol and aim it at Ackbar, but suddenly he was lifted off of his feet and his neck was broken by the force. There was another prisoner on the ship and he seemed to be a powerful force user. But we were unable to beat the two escort ships, they were some good pilots. They blew up Mebo’s ship and we were barely able to escape. The escort ships left us in the escape shuttle and left the disabled prisoner transport ship.

Mebo flew the escape pod to the disabled ship and docked with it. I was the first one in, Ackbar had a blaster pistol pointed at me, but I talked him down. The other prisoner looked to be near human, his name is xxxxxxx and had strange blue tattoes on his face. Seemed young for how strong he seemed in the force. I talked to him while Ackbar and Mebo managed to communications up. Mebo sent a messaged to Zelick at Raxius Prime for him to come and get us, also pick up the salvage. Mebo should have been a little better with his message, so we waited. We all had to get into a force trance to help conserve oxygen, but Zelick showed up.

As we flew back I showed xxxxxx how to help him master the force. He seemed to pick up on it real quickly, but it was not very long til he took a liking to Mebo. I think he since the purity of Mebo’s connection with the force. He grew distant to me, I have the taint of the dark side and I think he knows. We got back to Raxus Prime and Mebo picked out another ship. While we waited for the ship to be prepped, xxxxxx became more distanced to me. When the ship was done, Mebo rounded up Ackbar and xxxxxx then we set out to Home Guard.



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