Rise of the Rebellion

Slave to the Cause

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


I went through what have to be the worst part of my life and with a death of a friend, I don’t know if I can look at universe the same way ever again. The life of a Sith is much easier that the life of a Jedi. Its easy to embrace the hate, want revenge and then the sense pride to accomplishing that revenge. There is so much hate in this universe, slaves battling for the entertainment for some select few. I can’t help but think of the lessons Master Wu taught me to find peace, serenity, and harmony in one’s life. If he only knew what I’ve been going through and how disappointed he would be to know the lessons are harder to remember.

We managed to get the new ship, but not the data that was on the ship’s computer. We took both ships, the one on the surface had a bomb. Mebo took care of it and reprogrammed the prototype ship. We left the planet and made the drop. I sent some questions to the contact about my past, so we will see what happens.

The contact next assignment, was to meet up with another one of the contact’s ‘employee’, named Lihn. Then let that person take us to Geonosis. Where we would be sold as slaves, so we could escape and let the Geonosians warrior caste free so they could revolt. Then talk to the queen for support for our cause.

We agreed to go a long with the plan. We tried to prepare ourselves for the ordeal while on the way to meet the captain. Met the captain, had Muscle Glasses and Dr. Dave stay on the ship and be ready to come and get us. On the way to Geonosis, talked to the captain and made another contact that could be good for us in the future. The captain is ex empire officer. Exercised with the captain and closely watched his work out to see what kind of person he was. Very competent fighter, and deadly. We arrived, he sold us and some droids to some storm troopers. We were then transferred to their custody. We were then beaten into submission, humiliated, and then forced into some cells to wait until we fight in the arena.

Got to know another prisoner, Malius a Gamorrean. He couldn’t speak my language, but knew morse code. He gave us the low down of the place. The next day the captain of the guards allowed us to loosen up before the fight. So I went through the routine of our new friend and the troopers seem to recognize the calisthenics I was doing. He took us out of the cell, then marched us to the weapons and entrance to the arena. While the guards wasn’t watching he slipped me knife and told me I might need it. We were given spears, then placed outside in the arena.

We waited for the introduction to end and then Mebo and I were forced to fight six cat like beasts. Mebo and I faired well until the last on and then I was knocked out. I woke up in the hallway close to the cells. The captain said that I was lucky and that for me to rest until healed. I told him I was a fast healer and I would be ready for the next fight. After Mebo and I were back in the cells, I vital transferred Mebo and then meditated til I was closed to 100%.



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