Rise of the Rebellion

The Test

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


After we left Geonosis, we got a message from the contact and he told us where General Kota was. In the Cloud City of Bespin, and gave us the location of what platform he was on. Mebo also received a message from a bank on Coruscant and that wanted to meet him. We decided to go there first.

We arrived on Coruscant and then took the speeders to the location. I acted like Mebo’s bodyguard, which wasn’t far from the truth. Mebo made his introduction and we were lead to the penthouse of the building to speak with the president of the company. I started to get worried and something didn’t seem right. How on coruscant could Mebo be able to have direct contact with a major player in the banking world, I don’t have a clue.

We arrived up in his office and found out that a relative of Mebo invested in the beginning of the the company. That relative left all of his wealth that was made in the company to Mebo, hundreds of millions of credits. I couldn’t believe it. Mebo set up some different accounts and gave me alot of credits. He acted like it wasn’t a big deal and then we left. We were given a complementary suit and clothing from the corporation clothing supplier. Then we headed back to the ship and left for Bespin.

We arrived at the location where General Kota is at. He is a drunken fool, drowning his past in booze. We talked and he just wanted to blow us off, he wasn’t convinced that I was even a jedi. Maybe I’m not, but neither is he. I asked him if he wanted to topple the empire to get revenge for the injustice that happen to the Jedi, but he stated that revenge will lead to the dark side. But sitting there getting drunk is just as bad. I had my fill of this fallen master and decided to leave. When I got up there was a squad of troopers with jet packs. The battle was brief, but Kota was a big help. The fighting seemed to sober him up and he appeared to notice me different. He asked if I wanted to become a Jedi Knight and told him yes. He seemed to meditate for a second and then stated that there would be two Sith that are going to kill everybody on the asteroid XXXXXXX, a space station for scoundrel’s that we have been there several times before. If I could stop them and live, that would be my trial to be a knight. I could believe it, this is what I wanted. The soberer Kota seemed more like a jedi of the past.

We left. With Mebo’s fast ship, we arrived there in no time. We tried to help the security, but they didn’t want much help from us. We then had a short wait, when a ship arrived. Two people stepped out of the ship, a female twilight and a male xxxxxx. I stood there with my lightsaber out, but not ignited. They brought their sabers up and ignited them. I ignited mine and gave them the challenge for a dual, they accepted. I couldn’t let them kill everybody like Kota stated they would. I let the rage build and then let it consume me. I screamed as I charged the male. The battle seemed to take forever, never had I met opponents that fought that hard. It was glorious fight. They had the upper hand a couple of times, but Mebo seemed to help sway the battle. I don’t remember much of the fight, but I trusted in the force and we prevailed at the end. But only barely. After the fight was done, there was a dark powerful dark user behind us. I turned around and saw an armored Sith Master. The power he held was almost breath taken. I told Mebo to run, we had no chance to beat him.

He then pulled off his mask. It was Lihn. The two sith was his apprentices. I tried to leave, but he compelled me stay. He asked me why I had murdered his apprentices. I told him there was no murder, but an excepted challenge. His apprentices had fought a glorious fight and died a warriors death, but I passed my Knight Trial. He was outraged, he could’ve killed me but didn’t. He told me Kota was responsible and that he would have to visit him. I helped him load the bodies in some missile pods. He gave me their lightsaber. We loaded them in his ship and then he shot them off into space. He called his master and told him that his apprentices were gone. He then told me to get off of his ship and he left.

We are on our way to tell Kota. Was I used by Kota, or was it the will of the force to stop them from killing the station inhabits. Lihn is a Sith Lord, but was he not hurt from the death of his apprentices. After my trail, I hoped that something might have come to the surface of what is going on with myself. I had hoped after I finished the trail that I would feel different, like a real Jedi. But what am I, a lost Cathar warrior who doesn’t know who he is and is alone in a big universe….. Well I do have a very, very, very rich friend!!!!!!



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