Rise of the Rebellion

There was a fire fight!!!

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


We did the impossible, we freed the Wookies at Kashyyk. The empire has felt our ripple, and now they know the tidal wave will come…….

As I sat in the gunner seat of one of Mebo’s new ships, I can’t help but to wonder if I’m here to help Mebo. The force is with him, even know he doesn’t believe in it. We arrived at Kashyyk, we could see the Star Destroyer. Mebo opened communications to the destroyer and asked them to surrender, but for some reason they didn’t want to comply. They sent one of squads of tie fighters against us. It didn’t take Mebo and Master Lihn long to take then out. The Star Destroyer then sent the all of the remaining fighters at us. They really didn’t have a chance. After we took them out, we made it for the Star Destroyer, Master Lihn made it before us and we barely cleared the doors to the docking bay.

We fought our way onto the ship, Master Lihn took care of most of the clone troopers. Some tried to surrender, but he would let them. Mebo seems disturbed by it, but when their is so few of us how can we take prisoners. After getting access to the ship, we made our way to the bridge and found the 507’s guarding the way. Master Lihn told Mebo and I to take care of them as he then took care of something. The 507’s were well prepared and ready for a fight, they had a good defensible position. Mebo and I were around the corner about to engage. I went to say something to Mebo, but he was already running around the corner. A wall of blaster fire erupted when Mebo cleared the corner. I didn’t think he would make it, but when I cleared the corner he was still standing. I ran up to Mebo, then they started throwing thermal detonators. Never been this close to so much fire power, but Mebo makes good armor. Not even a scratch. The fight was on, we were out numbered 18 to 1. Watching Mebo fight is something few if any can accomplish that isn’t a Jedi. He claims it’s his dancing moves that help him, but there is something more. We were doing good, but they started to ganging up on Mebo. Eventually they took him down and then placed a plaster rifle to his head. The captain of the 507th said, “Give up Jedi or your friend dies!!”

My options, none without letting Mebo get killed. Again DAMN IT!!!!! Mebo’s destiny is more than dieing on a star destroyer. I gave up, dropped my weapons and took off my armor. We were then escorted to the brig of the ship. I used the force to let Master Lihn we were capture. After we were placed in a cell, a gas came out of the vents. Poison more than likely. I sent another message to Master Lihn and then waited holding my breath. It wasn’t long before Master Lihn ripped the door off of the cell and he had Mebo. Master Lihn dark transferred Mebo and we got our equipment. Master Lihn told us to wait here at the brig and he was going to take care of the crew. After a bit, an announcement was made on the ships internal intercom. Master Lihn had all the crew report to a docking bay. Shortly after there was a disturbance in the force, something bad had happened. I knew the crew was taken care of, they could have been useful. But in war sometime there is no room for mercy. Then we were informed that the remaining 507th was hold up in the engine room with a couple of bombs on some power generators.

Mebo and I went to investigate. I crawled through the vents and saw the surviving 507th. They had two sets of explosives with dead man switch for each one. A soldier for each switch. I relayed the info to Master Lihn and Mebo. The 507th sent a ship wide message saying that if we don’t surrender in 10 minutes they will blow up the ship. Mebo and I couldn’t come up with a good plan, so we let Master Lihn know what was in the engine room and how we saw it. I told him that I could try to talk them down, but don’t know if that is possible. Master Lihn says he has a plan, but wants us to stall them. I told him I would try. I made contact with the captain of the 507th and told him that I wanted to talk. He said he would only if the Duros and I had no weapons in our hands.

We stepped off the turbo lift into the engine room, we were basically surrounded by all of the remaining 507th besides two of them near the generators. All weapons were trained on us, this was 507th last stand. They have killed more Jedi’s than any other units, but truthfully you can’t get mad at the soldiers. They are just following orders. Its like saying a blaster rifle is evil because of its power, but it’s the man holding it is the power. Who is giving the order to kill the Jedi’s is responsible, the Emperor. I told the soldiers what order I represent and tried to convince them to except that they were defeated and throwing away their lives for the Empire isn’t worth it.

As we talked Master Lihn dropped from ventilation shaft and looked like he mind tricked the two storm trooper with the bombs. They defused the bombs and turned their blasters toward the backs of their fellow soldiers. Master Lihn then jumped back into the vent. Mebo let his tongue flap a little more than necessary and the soldier new that their was another with us during this exchange. But Master Lihn then came to the engine department and issued an order that made the 507th back down and follow Master Lihn’s orders. Apparently the Emperor likes to test his soldiers and has a special order that makes them listen to who gives it. We have full control of the ship.

After we took control of the bridge, Mebo was acting strange. He told me that he can feel the force, what?!!! Couldn’t believe my ears, he denies the existence of the force. He doesn’t believe in it. I

In no time we destroyed the other destroyer, with the droid crew and Mebo we lost nothing taking out the other ship. We proceeded to take out the ground forces then flew in the fighters and finished up. I had to back out earlier, took too much damage to Mebo’s fighter prototype. With the ground forces taken care of we had the 507th take care of the rest of the ground forces. We then proceeded to release the Wookie people and let them take back their home world.



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