Rise of the Rebellion


(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


I’ve improved my control of the force, while Mebo did the same thing. Which is hard to think of, he is strong in the force. He has an innocents that should help him not fall to the dark side. Its hard to resist the temptation of the dark side, I hope that he never has to make the decisions about the force I had too.

After the wookies got their freedom, we headed back to Home Guard. Mebo made improvements to the station, while I worked on my mastery of the force. I also had a vision of Mebo, he will need leave and travel to Iridonia. For what I think what will a trail for him to achieve a higher mastery of the force. I found Mebo and told him what I saw. I advised him to go to Iridonia and use what ever means necessary to accomplish this task the force has sent him to do. Mebo left. After several days, I was meditating and felt something different with my ability with the force. I knew Mebo finished his trail.

He showed up shortly after that, he had a zabrak named Kadrian Paven. For someone without much experience, he was strong in the force. Mebo seemed to acquire an apprentice, but there was already trouble between the two. There was anger in him, I think Mebo might have talked too much about us to him. But Kadrian seems to be young and from what I could tell he hasn’t fallen to the dark side or been swayed by it. Mebo and I talked without Kadrian around. I told him that if Kadrian stays, Mebo will have to take care of him. Mebo talked to Kadrian again and then they left. Apparently Kadrian didn’t want to stay and be Mebo apprentice. Mebo just made a mistake and exposed us to a possible threat. But then Kadrian seems to be more of a good guy, but Master Lihn will not see it that way.

Mebo finished up the improvements with Home Guard, we also received a message from Senator Bail Organa. He tried to hide his identity, but Mebo found out with his mad computer skills. We set up a meeting and then waited for his arrival.

He showed up, hailed us for approval for landing. I responded by saying the senator is free to land on Home Guard. We showed him around the ship and then talked. He would help us out, but first we had to rescue a Mon Calamari named Ackbar. He is being transported by some expert Imperial pilots and also with a trusted adviser to the Emperor. Organa told us the location of were they would be and we would have a short window to rescue Ackbar. We agreed and the senator left. We started to prepare for rescue.



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