Character Template

an empty template for characters


Character Name
Character Name CL XX

Size Race Class Levels
Destiny X; Force X; Force Point Mod
Init +XX; Senses

Defenses Ref XX (flat-footed XX, Special XX), Fort XX, Will XX;
Special Defenses
hp XXX; Threshold XX
Immune Effects

Speed X squares
Melee weapon +XX (XdX+XX) or
Ranged weapon +XX (XdX+XX)
Base Atk +XX; Grp +XX
Atk Options Feats and Talents
Special Actions Actions Granted by Talents and Feats
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +XX): Force Powers
Force Techniques Force Techniques
Force Secrets Force Secrets

Abilities Str XX, Dex XX, Con XX, Int XX, Wis XX, Cha XX
Special Qualities Special Qualities Granted by Classes

Talents Talents

Feats Feats

Skills Skill Name +XX,

Possessions List of equipment


Character Template

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