Lihn is a former Mandalorian that left the order with the rise of the Neo-Crusaders. Gifted in the force since he was a child, Lihn has spent the majority of his life chasing down ancient Jedi and Sith secrets. Coming across everything form archive records to long forgotten Lightsaber crystals to holocrons, Lihn pieced together what he judged to be the best of all three cultures to forge himself into the perfect warrior.

Lihn began an academy to teach a group of Force Sensitives on the Sith homeworld at an ancient Sith training temple that had long since been abandoned. While initially pleased with the results, he discovered quickly that the corruption of the dark side manifested in his apprentices in ways far more detrimental than helpful. He turned his attention to Kaminoa and drove off the remnants of Vader’s forces, since Vader left only a small detachment given he’d already copied and moved most of their technology to his Super Star Destroyer. From there, he began experimenting and retracing Vader’s steps to create Force Sensitive copies of prime genetic specimens to forge a new force using tradition. His progress has been surprisingly fast due in no small part to his working knowledge of Sith Alchemy and he’s hopeful that genetic manipulation can overcome the ravenous corruption that placates Dark Side users.

Shortly after this operation began, Lihn felt a vergence in the force and quickly moved to protect the reawakened force user from the Emperor and Vader. Shielding the Cathar Jedi from their senses through his own mastery of the Dark Side, Lihn exposed his presence in the galaxy in order to keep the Jax safe and has been hounded by the Empire since. Lihn knew he had pulled himself too thin and could not bring about his vision of the future on his own and would need a highly capable and, more importantly level-headed, force user to help him. This Cathar, he could sense, could overcome the corruption of the Dark Side and be what all the others could not. Lihn continues to cultivate his long term goals though he puts most of the immediate planning in Jax’s capable hands. Bankrolling a new operation to begin training new force sensitive users while subtly slipping in cloned force sensitives to ensure a more honorable (and compliant) population, Lihn continues to wait patiently while Jax develops into the Jedi Master he will become and the two of them can finally take the fight directly to the Emperor. Lihn can afford to be patient given the Empire has quite a bit of infrastructure that needs to be crumbled before they can assault the Emperor and his Apprentice directly though he feels he’s finally pushed himself to the peak of his own powers through his personal near-suicidal agenda.

Quite possibly Lihn’s greatest flaws is his removed possession from the citizens of the galaxy. Lihn sees human lives as pawns to be moved like a general playing a game of chess in the theater of war. His callous disregard for life does not prevent him from recognizing individuals as friends (especially if they fit into his machinations), but on the battle field his sweeping blades end human lives without a moments hesitation and anyone that has seen him in battle knows how he’s earned each and ever dark side point he now carries.

Code of Conduct
Lihn believes in honorable combat and always engages enemies head on. This courtesy extends only to allowing an enemy to be aware of his presence.

Lihn does not relent in combat. He will kill an opponent without a moment’s hesitation regardless of disarm or surrender.

Lihn will attack and kill just about anyone, even if he’s attacked by someone that he clearly outclasses and will make no effort to subdue them. Even soldiers just following orders are shown no mercy.


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