Yuri Cain


Yuri CL 9

Medium Human Jedi 7 / Jedi Knight 2
Destiny 3; Force 10 Strong in the Force;
Init +8; Senses
Languages Basic, Battle Speak, Binary, Zabrak
Defenses Ref 25 (flat-footed 21, Block/Deflect +20), Fort 23, Will 25;
Special Defenses
hp 99; Threshold 23
Immune Effects
Speed 6 squares
Melee Lightsaber +14 (2d8+6) or
Base Atk +9; Grp +10
Atk Options Feats and Talents
Special Actions Actions Granted by Talents and Feats
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +XX): Battle Strike, Energy Resistance, Farseeing, Force Blast, Force Disarm, Force Light, Force Shield, Force Stun, Force Thrust, Mind Trick, Move Object, Negate Energy, Phase, Prescience, Rebuke, Resist Force, Surge, Vital Transfer,
Force Techniques Improved Mind Trick
Starship Maneuvers Angle Deflector Shields, Snap Roll, Target Lock, Skim the Surface, Devastating Hit, Shield Hit
Force Regimens Awaken Force Sensitivity, Quiet Mind, Sparring Practice, Training Remote, Vo’ren’s First Cadence, Vor’ren’s Third Cadence
Abilities Str 12, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 21, Cha 22
Talents Block/Deflect*, Force Focus (DC 15), Force Pilot, Redirect Shot, Shii-Cho/Soresu* (only -2 and reroll block/deflect)
Feats Weapon Finesse, Force Training x3, Force Regimen Mastery, Gearhead, Starship Tactics, Tech Specialist, Vehicle Combat, Srong in the Force
Skills Acrobatics +13, Knowledge (Tactics, Technology) +12, Mechanics +12, Perception +13, Use the Force +20 (can roll instead of Pilot, Use Computer*)
Possessions Flight Suit, Lightsaber (Bondar Crystal, self made), Lightsaber (Synthetic Crystal, self made), Lightsaber (Sith Crystal)


Yuri Cain

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