Galactic Address

Citizens of the Galaxy,

We apologize for the interruption of your daily toil and trouble. I understand most of you are cut off from the news of the galaxy due to the iron grip of the Empire, so I wanted to bring you a special report in case you haven’t already heard. The good people of Kashyyyk have been seized and are currently being used as slave labor to build a new battle station for the Emperor. That battle station will be the largest station the galaxy has ever seen and carry enough destructive firepower to devastate most, if not all, naval fleets currently in service. It may have also come to your attention that, despite the well trained soldiers carrying out the oppressive will of a corrupt tyrant, the people of Kashyyyk have recently fought for and won their freedom. We, the Praetorian Guard, are responsible for their liberation.

Who are we? We’re a lot of things depending on who you ask. The Empire has labeled us terrorists, the Woookies have named us heroes, and we call ourselves servants of the people. We are saviors, we are killers, we are peace keepers, we are soldiers. We fight for you because you can’t and we suffer for you because you shouldn’t.

It shouldn’t take any of you by surprise when you look around and realize that, slowly but surely, you’re losing everything. Each day that passes brings you one step closer to servitude. To death. And you’re all alone, aren’t you? You know that alone, you aren’t much of a threat. You may also think that alone, there isn’t anything you can do, is there? Well that’s exactly what the Empire wants, for you to be alone. Would it surprise you to learn that three people, each of a different species, are responsible for the liberation of Kashyyyk? Would it surprise you to learn how much we can accomplish if we all work together? Despite Kashyyyk’s turn of events, you’re right. Alone we are weak. Alone we can be silenced by the great machine that is the Empire. Alone an army of troopers could crush us in the blink of an eye. But the Empire’s army we all fear are made up of individuals, individuals that made a choice. Individuals like you.

Do you miss being able to travel when and where you want to? Do you miss the days when oppressive Imperial tariffs weren’t draining every last credit from you? Do you miss being able to decide what you want instead of being told what you have? Do you miss your freedom? Would you like to have it back? Would you like your children to grow up in a galaxy where ideas and inspiration are more powerful than turbolasers and proton torpedoes?

No matter how you feel about these questions, be it anger or hope, allow me to enlighten you further. Did you know that if every sentient species in the Galactic Republic rose up to combat the Empire we would outnumber them almost ten to one? Did you know that if every planet oppressed by the Empire pooled their resources we could buy them five times over? Did you know that if every sentient person stood up to fight for their freedom we could take back the Galaxy? Of course not, no one ever told you. If you didn’t know, how could you act? But now that you know, now that you can’t hide behind ignorance any longer, what will you do?

The government, the Empire, is a farce. All sentient beings, no matter how wealthy or mighty, should have a voice. That voice could only be given by a governing body that was created to hear it, and that governing body is the Republic.

We are the Praetorian Guard, and we’re going to give you the greatest gift anyone could ever give you. We’re going to give you your freedom back. We will not stop until the Empire has crumbled and the Republic is made whole again. We will not stop until every free, sentient creature in this Galaxy has their voice returned to them where it rightfully belongs. We will not stop until the Empire is no more. We’re going to give you this gift and all we ask in return is that, after you accept it, you continue to let us protect it.

Now that you know our plan, where do you come in? Well, the Empire’s army numbers in the hundreds of thousands. We’re going to fight every single one of them on our own, but we could use your help. The more of you that help, the faster we’ll be able to give our invaluable gift to you. We don’t care about the insurmountable odds, we don’t listen when people tell us we can’t achieve this dream, and we don’t tolerate excuses about how the Empire is too big or their army too great. Every individual can make a difference. Every volunteer brings us one day closer to freedom. We have the training, we have the resources, we have the strength, and most importantly we have the will. The only thing we’re missing is you.

When you’re ready, we’ll be waiting.


Galactic Address

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