Prerequisites: Force Training, Destiny
Activation Time: Reaction

A character with the Unleashed feat can spend a single Destiny Point to unleash his force powers for a number of rounds equal to the Destiny Points he gains each level (Class Force Points – 4). While unleashed, the character may combine two unique force powers to create a single force power more powerful than both. Both force powers must have the same activation time and using an unleashed force power expends both force powers from the characters active suite. The force user applies a single Use the Force check for both power effects (if necessary). The new force power created has the target and range of either force power the wielder prefers but applies both effects. Further, all Unleashed force powers grant the force user a +2 Destiny bonus on all Use the Force checks made in conjunction with the Force power.

A Sith Apprentice and Jedi Knight are battling one another and both force wielders unleash. The Sith Apprentice acts first and combines Force Lightning with Force Stun.

He targets the Jedi who is within six squares (target/range of Force Stun) and makes a Use the Force check with a result of 28. The Jedi has a Reflex Defense of 20 and a Will Defense of 21. Since the Sith overcame both values, the Jedi would take 8d6 damage and move one step down the condition track (per Force Lightning) and move an additional two steps down the condition track (per Force Stun) for a total of 8d6 damage and 3 steps down the condition track.

Not looking good, the Jedi sums up what’s left of his strength and unleashes a combined Force Slam and Move Object blasting the Sith for all he’s worth. The Jedi rolls a Use the Force Check of 31 which overcomes both the Damage Threshold and Will Defense of the Sith. As a result, the Sith warrior is hurled backwards and takes 8d6 damage (Move Object) plus an additional 4d6 damage and is knocked prone (Force Slam) for a total of 12d6 damage and the prone condition.


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