Rise of the Rebellion


(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


Mebo and I got into his stealth ship, and we headed off to rescue Ackbar. As we waited for the ships to arrive, Mebo engaged the stealth. After a little while, the ships appeared. But it wasn’t too long before they found out we were there and they split. The Admiral with his escorts went one way and the prisoner ship with escorts went the opposite direction. Mebo and I went after the ship with the prisoner. We managed to disable the ship by shooting it. There was a vergence in the force, I used farseeing and saw the prisoner transport ship pilot pull out his blaster pistol and aim it at Ackbar, but suddenly he was lifted off of his feet and his neck was broken by the force. There was another prisoner on the ship and he seemed to be a powerful force user. But we were unable to beat the two escort ships, they were some good pilots. They blew up Mebo’s ship and we were barely able to escape. The escort ships left us in the escape shuttle and left the disabled prisoner transport ship.

Mebo flew the escape pod to the disabled ship and docked with it. I was the first one in, Ackbar had a blaster pistol pointed at me, but I talked him down. The other prisoner looked to be near human, his name is xxxxxxx and had strange blue tattoes on his face. Seemed young for how strong he seemed in the force. I talked to him while Ackbar and Mebo managed to communications up. Mebo sent a messaged to Zelick at Raxius Prime for him to come and get us, also pick up the salvage. Mebo should have been a little better with his message, so we waited. We all had to get into a force trance to help conserve oxygen, but Zelick showed up.

As we flew back I showed xxxxxx how to help him master the force. He seemed to pick up on it real quickly, but it was not very long til he took a liking to Mebo. I think he since the purity of Mebo’s connection with the force. He grew distant to me, I have the taint of the dark side and I think he knows. We got back to Raxus Prime and Mebo picked out another ship. While we waited for the ship to be prepped, xxxxxx became more distanced to me. When the ship was done, Mebo rounded up Ackbar and xxxxxx then we set out to Home Guard.


(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


I’ve improved my control of the force, while Mebo did the same thing. Which is hard to think of, he is strong in the force. He has an innocents that should help him not fall to the dark side. Its hard to resist the temptation of the dark side, I hope that he never has to make the decisions about the force I had too.

After the wookies got their freedom, we headed back to Home Guard. Mebo made improvements to the station, while I worked on my mastery of the force. I also had a vision of Mebo, he will need leave and travel to Iridonia. For what I think what will a trail for him to achieve a higher mastery of the force. I found Mebo and told him what I saw. I advised him to go to Iridonia and use what ever means necessary to accomplish this task the force has sent him to do. Mebo left. After several days, I was meditating and felt something different with my ability with the force. I knew Mebo finished his trail.

He showed up shortly after that, he had a zabrak named Kadrian Paven. For someone without much experience, he was strong in the force. Mebo seemed to acquire an apprentice, but there was already trouble between the two. There was anger in him, I think Mebo might have talked too much about us to him. But Kadrian seems to be young and from what I could tell he hasn’t fallen to the dark side or been swayed by it. Mebo and I talked without Kadrian around. I told him that if Kadrian stays, Mebo will have to take care of him. Mebo talked to Kadrian again and then they left. Apparently Kadrian didn’t want to stay and be Mebo apprentice. Mebo just made a mistake and exposed us to a possible threat. But then Kadrian seems to be more of a good guy, but Master Lihn will not see it that way.

Mebo finished up the improvements with Home Guard, we also received a message from Senator Bail Organa. He tried to hide his identity, but Mebo found out with his mad computer skills. We set up a meeting and then waited for his arrival.

He showed up, hailed us for approval for landing. I responded by saying the senator is free to land on Home Guard. We showed him around the ship and then talked. He would help us out, but first we had to rescue a Mon Calamari named Ackbar. He is being transported by some expert Imperial pilots and also with a trusted adviser to the Emperor. Organa told us the location of were they would be and we would have a short window to rescue Ackbar. We agreed and the senator left. We started to prepare for rescue.

There was a fire fight!!!

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


We did the impossible, we freed the Wookies at Kashyyk. The empire has felt our ripple, and now they know the tidal wave will come…….

As I sat in the gunner seat of one of Mebo’s new ships, I can’t help but to wonder if I’m here to help Mebo. The force is with him, even know he doesn’t believe in it. We arrived at Kashyyk, we could see the Star Destroyer. Mebo opened communications to the destroyer and asked them to surrender, but for some reason they didn’t want to comply. They sent one of squads of tie fighters against us. It didn’t take Mebo and Master Lihn long to take then out. The Star Destroyer then sent the all of the remaining fighters at us. They really didn’t have a chance. After we took them out, we made it for the Star Destroyer, Master Lihn made it before us and we barely cleared the doors to the docking bay.

We fought our way onto the ship, Master Lihn took care of most of the clone troopers. Some tried to surrender, but he would let them. Mebo seems disturbed by it, but when their is so few of us how can we take prisoners. After getting access to the ship, we made our way to the bridge and found the 507’s guarding the way. Master Lihn told Mebo and I to take care of them as he then took care of something. The 507’s were well prepared and ready for a fight, they had a good defensible position. Mebo and I were around the corner about to engage. I went to say something to Mebo, but he was already running around the corner. A wall of blaster fire erupted when Mebo cleared the corner. I didn’t think he would make it, but when I cleared the corner he was still standing. I ran up to Mebo, then they started throwing thermal detonators. Never been this close to so much fire power, but Mebo makes good armor. Not even a scratch. The fight was on, we were out numbered 18 to 1. Watching Mebo fight is something few if any can accomplish that isn’t a Jedi. He claims it’s his dancing moves that help him, but there is something more. We were doing good, but they started to ganging up on Mebo. Eventually they took him down and then placed a plaster rifle to his head. The captain of the 507th said, “Give up Jedi or your friend dies!!”

My options, none without letting Mebo get killed. Again DAMN IT!!!!! Mebo’s destiny is more than dieing on a star destroyer. I gave up, dropped my weapons and took off my armor. We were then escorted to the brig of the ship. I used the force to let Master Lihn we were capture. After we were placed in a cell, a gas came out of the vents. Poison more than likely. I sent another message to Master Lihn and then waited holding my breath. It wasn’t long before Master Lihn ripped the door off of the cell and he had Mebo. Master Lihn dark transferred Mebo and we got our equipment. Master Lihn told us to wait here at the brig and he was going to take care of the crew. After a bit, an announcement was made on the ships internal intercom. Master Lihn had all the crew report to a docking bay. Shortly after there was a disturbance in the force, something bad had happened. I knew the crew was taken care of, they could have been useful. But in war sometime there is no room for mercy. Then we were informed that the remaining 507th was hold up in the engine room with a couple of bombs on some power generators.

Mebo and I went to investigate. I crawled through the vents and saw the surviving 507th. They had two sets of explosives with dead man switch for each one. A soldier for each switch. I relayed the info to Master Lihn and Mebo. The 507th sent a ship wide message saying that if we don’t surrender in 10 minutes they will blow up the ship. Mebo and I couldn’t come up with a good plan, so we let Master Lihn know what was in the engine room and how we saw it. I told him that I could try to talk them down, but don’t know if that is possible. Master Lihn says he has a plan, but wants us to stall them. I told him I would try. I made contact with the captain of the 507th and told him that I wanted to talk. He said he would only if the Duros and I had no weapons in our hands.

We stepped off the turbo lift into the engine room, we were basically surrounded by all of the remaining 507th besides two of them near the generators. All weapons were trained on us, this was 507th last stand. They have killed more Jedi’s than any other units, but truthfully you can’t get mad at the soldiers. They are just following orders. Its like saying a blaster rifle is evil because of its power, but it’s the man holding it is the power. Who is giving the order to kill the Jedi’s is responsible, the Emperor. I told the soldiers what order I represent and tried to convince them to except that they were defeated and throwing away their lives for the Empire isn’t worth it.

As we talked Master Lihn dropped from ventilation shaft and looked like he mind tricked the two storm trooper with the bombs. They defused the bombs and turned their blasters toward the backs of their fellow soldiers. Master Lihn then jumped back into the vent. Mebo let his tongue flap a little more than necessary and the soldier new that their was another with us during this exchange. But Master Lihn then came to the engine department and issued an order that made the 507th back down and follow Master Lihn’s orders. Apparently the Emperor likes to test his soldiers and has a special order that makes them listen to who gives it. We have full control of the ship.

After we took control of the bridge, Mebo was acting strange. He told me that he can feel the force, what?!!! Couldn’t believe my ears, he denies the existence of the force. He doesn’t believe in it. I

In no time we destroyed the other destroyer, with the droid crew and Mebo we lost nothing taking out the other ship. We proceeded to take out the ground forces then flew in the fighters and finished up. I had to back out earlier, took too much damage to Mebo’s fighter prototype. With the ground forces taken care of we had the 507th take care of the rest of the ground forces. We then proceeded to release the Wookie people and let them take back their home world.

What is Necessary

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


I feel changed, there is a dark passenger in me now that is alien to me. But also comforting. I was deceived, I was betrayed, and my friend might be dead. I vowed vengeance, but realized that that I would lose myself to the dark side if I didn’t control it and train myself better for dealing with the dark side. I never was a good Jedi, but the Jedi order is dead. So I need to become someithing better than a Sith or a Jedi, something with purpose.

After I calmed down, I searched the facility and found a space suit with a full air tank and another air tank half full. There was no sign of Master Wu. I sat and meditated searching the area with the force and found a faint sign of a force user north of my location. I wanted to look for the Sith’s ship, but had no idea where it would be. I gathered up what little supplies I could find and set out across the inhospitable moon. I took almost all of my air, but I found the place, it was a ship building facility. The droids seem not to care as along as I stay away from the control and computers. I then found Master Wu, he was still in the stasis pod. It conformed my thoughts that the Sith Kid, found my weakness and exploited it. I not a computer guy, so I couldn’t get Master Wu out of the pod.

After a couple of days, Lihn’s ship arrived at the facility. Mebo comes out of the ship like there isn’t anything in the world wrong, followed by Lihn. Lihn looked at me, he new that I changed and seemed almost pleased. But for some reason it didn’t bother me. I’ve come to accept myself by then. I needed to talk to him, but not now. Mebo told me that he woke up in the ship and then went to the cock pit. He then realized that he wasn’t alone in the ship and saw Master Wu at the entrance to the cock pit. Master Wu seemed to almost blur, then change into the Sith Kid. Mebo realized that he was in trouble. The Sith told him he was going to die and then he would finish me off. Mebo tried to talk him into becoming friends. But Sith started to force choke him. Mebo managed to get free somehow, then made his way to the escape pod. Mebo escaped then turned off the ship and locked the Sith inside. He didn’t think that the Sith couldn’t get the ship activated by hacking over his own ability. As he floated his space, he managed to get a hold of Lihn. He showed up and took him back to look for me. More that likely the sith got out, but don’t know.

My friend is alive, but almost died because of me. I showed Lihn and Mebo where Master Wu was. Lihn opened the container. When Master Wu came out of stasis, could feel Lihn and my own dark side. He was revolted and sadden when he saw me. I had already changed out of my robes and sat them down at his feet. I told him he was safe and that a lot has changed. Lihn offered us supplies and went to his ship. Master Wu walked away, it would take him a minute to get his head straight. He must be disappointed, to say the least. Mebo started to work on getting us a way off this place. I went and talked to Lihn, we talked about his plans for the Empire and what would come to be if the Empire falls. He wants all the force users to survive and be able to practice the using the force. He doesn’t like how a Sith with years of waiting and plotting was able to take down the Republic. More damaged was caused because no one was looking out for the Republics best interest. I find myself drawn to what he is saying, but I realize that there has to be a group who is willing to do what is it is necessary to protect a stable government. He asked me to join him, I told him that I would be not become a Sith but something greater. We talked for a longer and I left.

We all waited a couple of days for Mebo’s ride to show. On the day that the ship arrived, I finally talked to Master Wu. He said that he had a vision, one day that the Jedi would fall and that I would rebuild the order. But what he couldn’t understand that I believe that I’m supposed to build something better. I have no doubt that there is some Jedi left, but they don’t have what it takes to help at this time. They can stay hidden, I will start something else. I gave my Jedi robes to my master, or should I say former master. Told him I was sorry and I’m not the Jedi he remembers. I don’t even know who that person is. He refused our offer for a ride, said that he didn’t want me to know information that could lead others to him. Master Wu said that he already had a ride coming.

I talked to Lihn after that. I asked him to not to pick a fight with my former master and kill him. Master Wu deserves to experience what the universe is and possibly see what we went through. Mebo and I left, after Mebo talked to Master Wu. We left and after we reached a certain distance away from the facility Lihn left. We went back to the facility, but it was shut down and locked up tight. As we left, I said my final good by to my former master.

We decided to go back to Raxus Prime. Upon getting there we got a message from the Contact and we got a suicidal plan of taken over a Star destroyer and then freeing the wookie people. There was some other facts about ground support, but it was almost too insane to comprehend. We decide to enlist the help of Lihn to help us build a ship and plan for this mission. He arrived and the construction when under way.

Lihn and I had a conservation again about what I was planning. I explained that if we take down the empire and build a new government, then we needed a group that will do what it takes to protect their leader, their government and their people. I told him that I wanted to start the Praetorian Guard. I showed him a date pad called Praetorian Guard Structure. He believes with the right training that people with a strong mind and heart, they could do what it takes with the dark side and still keep their humanity. I told him that I would join him, but only through starting the Praetorian Guard. He told me that he was the Contact and that he knew that I would do this. I accepted him as my master. He explained more about himself and why he has been doing what he has been doing. He a more apprentices and that I would be directly below him in rank for now on. He had the twins come and help with the work. The twins are clones with Sith alchemy that has helped them become stronger.

I worked on my plans for the Praetorians. While Mebo built a ship and outfitted another ship, that one is actually the one we stole a little while back. Lihn and I trained a lot and he showed me some talents that would help me become a better warrior. Mebo and I designed a set of Neo-crusader Armor, but I had to convince Mebo to become part of the order so he could get some information on Lihn’s armor.

Mebo finished and then started to plan on taking a destroyer. We knew that they would send their fleet of Tie ships against us before we could board the ship. We planned on taking out their ships before getting aboard and closing he bay doors. We would fight our way to the bridge and take the ship. We have a army of droid soldiers from the Geonosian’s home world factory. We would use them with ship after we take it and then use them on the ground of Kashyyyk to free the wookies. We are using the destroyer to take out the majority of the ground force’s heavy equipment then come in with the fighter ships to clean up the rest and provide support to the droids.


(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


It’s been a while since I’ve written last. I have found a rare crystal for my lightsaber that will work great with both light and dark side powers. I’ve also found Master Wu. But I gave up everything that I have become…..

I had a vision of the planet Volik. Master Wu was sitting in front of me. He told me that I had to come here and scale this mountain. There would be a cave and a test. There was more to the vision, but I find my self distracted and don’t want to write everything out right now. I talked it over with Mebo and he found the planet. We made the jump. We then landed on the planet and I left Mebo and droids on the ship. I hiked to the mountain and then ventured the cold of the high peaks. After an eternity of being cold, I made it to the cave. When I entered the cave, you could feel the dark side strongly in the cave. As I started down the cave, there was Sith Kid standing at the entrance. We exchanged words, which honestly I don’t remember. There was rage building in me from what he did to Sapha. I let rage consume me and we battled. I didn’t seem to take long. When he was down, I offered him a chance to join me. But he disappeared. He was the test to enter the cave. I made my way inside and noticed the walls were showing two different scenes on the surface. One was with Lihn, him and I were slaughtering our way through storm troopers. My eyes were red and I could tell that I let the dark side consume me. There was power in the that scene on the way, power that is too tempting. On the other was was Master Wu and I battling storm troopers. There was more finesse in this scene. Master and I were cutting through the enemy with the grace that only strong Jedi can. They both ended with fighting the Emperor. On the light side I was cut down at the end. On the dark side Lihn saves me from a killing blow by the Emperor, but is killed. Then I kill the Emperor. I then noticed a box, there was holo projector and a crystal. I watched the projector and Master Wu left me a message and gave the info to find him on a ship. He was in a device similar to what I was found in.

I left the cave and returned to the ship. During my time away. Mebo and the droids battled a small force of storm troopers. Which they took out with minimal damage. I showed Mebo the info from Master Wu and he figure out where Master Wu would be.

We made the jump and found his ship. After we docked with the ship, we went inside and found out that Master Wu was gone and Sith Kid had taken him from a video footage’s from the ship.

We searched the ship and then found a homing beacon that was connected from docking with Master Wu’s ship. We then planned a jump so we could get somewhere we could take the device off. But during the hyperspace jump, I had a vision of Master Wu being tortured. He was in terrible pain. He managed to tell me the coordinates to where he was at. We got rid of the beacon. Then headed to the place. I changed into my old Jedi robes, I wanted Master Wu to see me as the Jedi that I have become. We arrived on a small moon that had mutiple imperial factories. I managed to find the spot. But the facility core was starting to melt down and new that we didn’t have much time before it would go critical.

We landed on a pad. Mebo, the droids and I proceeded into the facility. When had to cut a door to get into the facility. When we did, we where attacked by some droids, they were designed to kill Jedi. My lightsaber didn’t do very much damage. We first lost Dr. Dave droid, then Muscles Glasses fell. The droids were tough and we where out matched. We managed to put 5 down before Mebo fell unconscious and I destroyed the last one. I had to use some dark side force powers, I wasn’t in good shape.

Then Master Wu stepped out and used the force to move Mebo out of my reach. I could feel the dark side on Master Wu. The Sith kid was around here somewhere and I was worried about Mebo. The sith killed one of my friends, I couldn’t let Mebo die. Master Wu said he fell to the dark side and was trying to convince me to join him. I knew I would lose a fight with Wu and my friend would die. I asked Master Wu that if I join him, Mebo would have to live and be set free. Master Wu wanted me to follow him, so I followed Master Wu into another room and there was Mebo on the ground. When I rounded the corner Master Wu disappeared. I grabbed up Mebo and then used my cloak power. Master Wu seemed to be able to follow me, but he didn’t attack. I checked Mebo and he seemed to be alive.

I was out matched, defeated, and angered. I still had the rage inside of me, the dark power so tempting. I know that I can control it, but not for how long. I would rather risk myself then let another friend die. I yelled at Master Wu and told him that I would join him, but only if Mebo could get away. I would put Mebo on the ship, set it to leave and then I would freely give myself to him. Master Wu agreed. As I carried Mebo to the ship, my life falling apart around me, I realized that life as a Jedi is over. My last action of a Jedi would be saving my friend. I knew I was being followed, but couldn’t see Master Wu. I set the ship on auto pilot and set it to leave the facility. I stood at the entrance to the ship, as the doors started to close I used the force power Vital Transfer and healed Mebo. I pushed him into the ship and watched him fly away. I yelled for Master Wu, but no one answered. I searched around, didn’t find the Sith Kid or Master Wu. I then realized that I was conned, gave up everything and while attempting to save my friend. I might have killed him instead. The anger, the rage, consumed me as I started scream.

The Test

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


After we left Geonosis, we got a message from the contact and he told us where General Kota was. In the Cloud City of Bespin, and gave us the location of what platform he was on. Mebo also received a message from a bank on Coruscant and that wanted to meet him. We decided to go there first.

We arrived on Coruscant and then took the speeders to the location. I acted like Mebo’s bodyguard, which wasn’t far from the truth. Mebo made his introduction and we were lead to the penthouse of the building to speak with the president of the company. I started to get worried and something didn’t seem right. How on coruscant could Mebo be able to have direct contact with a major player in the banking world, I don’t have a clue.

We arrived up in his office and found out that a relative of Mebo invested in the beginning of the the company. That relative left all of his wealth that was made in the company to Mebo, hundreds of millions of credits. I couldn’t believe it. Mebo set up some different accounts and gave me alot of credits. He acted like it wasn’t a big deal and then we left. We were given a complementary suit and clothing from the corporation clothing supplier. Then we headed back to the ship and left for Bespin.

We arrived at the location where General Kota is at. He is a drunken fool, drowning his past in booze. We talked and he just wanted to blow us off, he wasn’t convinced that I was even a jedi. Maybe I’m not, but neither is he. I asked him if he wanted to topple the empire to get revenge for the injustice that happen to the Jedi, but he stated that revenge will lead to the dark side. But sitting there getting drunk is just as bad. I had my fill of this fallen master and decided to leave. When I got up there was a squad of troopers with jet packs. The battle was brief, but Kota was a big help. The fighting seemed to sober him up and he appeared to notice me different. He asked if I wanted to become a Jedi Knight and told him yes. He seemed to meditate for a second and then stated that there would be two Sith that are going to kill everybody on the asteroid XXXXXXX, a space station for scoundrel’s that we have been there several times before. If I could stop them and live, that would be my trial to be a knight. I could believe it, this is what I wanted. The soberer Kota seemed more like a jedi of the past.

We left. With Mebo’s fast ship, we arrived there in no time. We tried to help the security, but they didn’t want much help from us. We then had a short wait, when a ship arrived. Two people stepped out of the ship, a female twilight and a male xxxxxx. I stood there with my lightsaber out, but not ignited. They brought their sabers up and ignited them. I ignited mine and gave them the challenge for a dual, they accepted. I couldn’t let them kill everybody like Kota stated they would. I let the rage build and then let it consume me. I screamed as I charged the male. The battle seemed to take forever, never had I met opponents that fought that hard. It was glorious fight. They had the upper hand a couple of times, but Mebo seemed to help sway the battle. I don’t remember much of the fight, but I trusted in the force and we prevailed at the end. But only barely. After the fight was done, there was a dark powerful dark user behind us. I turned around and saw an armored Sith Master. The power he held was almost breath taken. I told Mebo to run, we had no chance to beat him.

He then pulled off his mask. It was Lihn. The two sith was his apprentices. I tried to leave, but he compelled me stay. He asked me why I had murdered his apprentices. I told him there was no murder, but an excepted challenge. His apprentices had fought a glorious fight and died a warriors death, but I passed my Knight Trial. He was outraged, he could’ve killed me but didn’t. He told me Kota was responsible and that he would have to visit him. I helped him load the bodies in some missile pods. He gave me their lightsaber. We loaded them in his ship and then he shot them off into space. He called his master and told him that his apprentices were gone. He then told me to get off of his ship and he left.

We are on our way to tell Kota. Was I used by Kota, or was it the will of the force to stop them from killing the station inhabits. Lihn is a Sith Lord, but was he not hurt from the death of his apprentices. After my trail, I hoped that something might have come to the surface of what is going on with myself. I had hoped after I finished the trail that I would feel different, like a real Jedi. But what am I, a lost Cathar warrior who doesn’t know who he is and is alone in a big universe….. Well I do have a very, very, very rich friend!!!!!!

Fallen Warrior

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


The nightmares of the fighting arena still wake me up in the middle of the night. I’ll jump up out of the bed and ignite my lightsaber, takes me a couple of seconds to realize that I’m not there. Its time to see if I can find General Kota, I need to be around a Jedi to see if I’m tainted from this last mission. The rage is easier to bring forth ever sense I allowed it to take over, I found my calm and subdued it, but I find myself drawn to the power that it can bring……

After we healed up from fighting the beasts, Captain K checked us out and was impressed on our speedy recovery. I might have done us more harm than good. Malius was then taken from the cells, the guards acted like this would be Malius’s last fight and he wasn’t going to win. After what seemed like a eternity, Malius was dragged back in. He was hurt real bad and didn’t look like he was going to make it. I convinced Captain K to let Mebo to switch cells with Malius and let me aide Malius as best a I could. Captain K agreed and he also gave me a extra bucket of water to help hydrate Malius. When the guards left I vital transferred Malius in hopes to save him and then placed him a trance to speed up his recovery.

The next morning Captain K checked on Malius and was surprised by what he saw. I think he knows more that he is letting on about us, but I can’t sit by and not try to help. We waited in our cells for a little while than was told to prepare for the next battle. Mebo and I stretched out, well Mebo danced in his cell. Its funny to watch him dance with no music. We were then escorted to the hall leading to the arena. There was eight other prisoners there, were told to grab a blaster pistol and then we were then escorted to the arena.

We stood in the center of the arena as the commander told us that we would fighting each other to the death. The commander then told us that we would fight or their snipers would take us out. Mebo and I looked at each other, I knew that I couldn’t kill him. He took off running then slid in the dirt pointing his blaster pistol at the other eight people. We all stood there for a second and then one of the other slaves opened fire. One slave looked at me and raised his pistol, but I got him before he was able to fire. It wasn’t even a real fight, Mebo and I cleared the group with out taking a hit. I did notice that Mebo tried to shoot the Commander of the Stormtrooper unit, but he had a shield around the pavilion he was standing in. When all the other slaves were either dead or knocked out, Mebo started piling bodies and then crawled underneath them to help protect him from the snipers.

I screamed to the crowd, “You call this a fight, this was a slaughter. Give us a real challenge!” The crowd booed, but then the Commander then said that we would fight their champion.

We returned to our cells and Malius seems to fully recover. We waited til they got us ready, we were blindfolded and then escorted out. When we were brought to the arena we were told that we would fight their champion hand to hand to the death. When they pulled the blindfolds off we saw Malius standing opposite of us with a ring of guards around us. Malius looked concerned. Mebo looked troubled, I can’t explain what was going through his head. We were stuck in this mission and the only thing to do was win.

I approached Malius, extended my hand, “May the best fighter win and live!” He grabbed my forearm and I did his. During that moment Malius and I understood what is to be warriors. Warriors that have no choice but to fight, realized that one of us was going to die, and that if there is a time to die then it’s better to be killed by a foe that you respected. It’s the cathar way, the warrior way, but not always the Jedi way.

The commander yelled for the fight to begin and neither of us hesitated. I knew that it would be a tough fight for Mebo and I. I was out of my element, a true Jedi has his lightsaber and knows enough force powers to help him out. I had neither, but there was a rage in me that I had damned off of my emotions. I could feel its power waiting on me to use it and I knew that if I didn’t try my hardest, Mebo and I would be dead. I let go of all the training Master Wu taught me and embraced the rage. To feel that power course through your body is exhilarating. We fought. Can’t remember much of the details, but he hits hard. The last thing I remember is a impact that felt like a speeder hit me in the face, I was falling. I saw Mebo trading punches, and there was a sense of calm that I had never felt before. The rage was gone and then blackness.

I woke up in my cell, Mebo told me Captain K fixed me up. Mebo managed to beat Malius and then kill him. I know it troubles my friend, but there is not much to say. I woke up in the middle of the night, there was a trooper standing outside of my cell. He looked off, like something was wrong. Then there was a familiar sound as a red lightsaber burst through his chest and then he fell limp to the floor. Captain Lihn was standing behind the dead trooper. He set us free and we got our supplies that he had. It was surprising to see Lihn standing there with a lightsaber, I knew then he was a sith. We talked, he doesn’t like the Empire, and if there is a time when we have to fight then so be it. But now isn’t the time. We completed the objectives of letting the Warrior Caste of the Geonosians free. We got to command room of the the droid facility. I talked Captain K out of fighting us, we took out the guards and then Mebo collected some data from the computers. I gave K some options of what we can do for him, but encouraged him to help us. We met with the Queen of the Geonosians and helped lay the ground work for a working relationship in the future. I was tired of this planet. We gave our goodbye to Lihn and left the planet.

Slave to the Cause

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


I went through what have to be the worst part of my life and with a death of a friend, I don’t know if I can look at universe the same way ever again. The life of a Sith is much easier that the life of a Jedi. Its easy to embrace the hate, want revenge and then the sense pride to accomplishing that revenge. There is so much hate in this universe, slaves battling for the entertainment for some select few. I can’t help but think of the lessons Master Wu taught me to find peace, serenity, and harmony in one’s life. If he only knew what I’ve been going through and how disappointed he would be to know the lessons are harder to remember.

We managed to get the new ship, but not the data that was on the ship’s computer. We took both ships, the one on the surface had a bomb. Mebo took care of it and reprogrammed the prototype ship. We left the planet and made the drop. I sent some questions to the contact about my past, so we will see what happens.

The contact next assignment, was to meet up with another one of the contact’s ‘employee’, named Lihn. Then let that person take us to Geonosis. Where we would be sold as slaves, so we could escape and let the Geonosians warrior caste free so they could revolt. Then talk to the queen for support for our cause.

We agreed to go a long with the plan. We tried to prepare ourselves for the ordeal while on the way to meet the captain. Met the captain, had Muscle Glasses and Dr. Dave stay on the ship and be ready to come and get us. On the way to Geonosis, talked to the captain and made another contact that could be good for us in the future. The captain is ex empire officer. Exercised with the captain and closely watched his work out to see what kind of person he was. Very competent fighter, and deadly. We arrived, he sold us and some droids to some storm troopers. We were then transferred to their custody. We were then beaten into submission, humiliated, and then forced into some cells to wait until we fight in the arena.

Got to know another prisoner, Malius a Gamorrean. He couldn’t speak my language, but knew morse code. He gave us the low down of the place. The next day the captain of the guards allowed us to loosen up before the fight. So I went through the routine of our new friend and the troopers seem to recognize the calisthenics I was doing. He took us out of the cell, then marched us to the weapons and entrance to the arena. While the guards wasn’t watching he slipped me knife and told me I might need it. We were given spears, then placed outside in the arena.

We waited for the introduction to end and then Mebo and I were forced to fight six cat like beasts. Mebo and I faired well until the last on and then I was knocked out. I woke up in the hallway close to the cells. The captain said that I was lucky and that for me to rest until healed. I told him I was a fast healer and I would be ready for the next fight. After Mebo and I were back in the cells, I vital transferred Mebo and then meditated til I was closed to 100%.

New Friends

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


I’m a soldier again, my life is not my own anymore. A life of soldier isn’t like the life of a Jedi, and I’m dedicated to defeating empire. I’m seeking harmony in my life and its hard to maintain it. They (whoever it is) have taken everything from me and I still don’t know how this came to be. No one knows the answers, but I think the Contact knows more than he lets on. I’ll have to ask him about my past and see what he says.

Our new mission was to get a experimental ship off of the wookie home world, Kashyyk. The Contact hooked up with intel of a convoy that would be interrupted with a gravity well. He then helps us acquire some droids. Mebo put them together, I got a soldier droid. Muscles Glasses is what we call him, he is melee fighter that specializes in force pikes. Mebo put together a medical droid, Dr. David Doucovny, kind of a wuss and not very good in combat. Mebo also designed a new missile that when contact of a ship and penetrates the hull, it will unleash a modified buzz droid that will take out the ship if shot hits in the right spot. The Contact wants us to stop the convoy, defeat the escort, acquire the supply ship and proceed to Kashyyk to get a new designed ship.

We arrive at the convoy location, shortly after the ships fall out of hyperspace because of the gravity well. We shot the cargo ship with the modified missile, then proceed to take out all but one escort. The ship was fast and we couldn’t take it out. During that time, the buzz droid opened the ship to space and all but two of the ship’s crew died. We knocked out the last two members and secured them. Transferred the ship cargo to our own and proceeded to Kashyyk. We got our information for landing from the crew member and landed. We made up a story of radiation and hoped it would work to get us in the facility. We managed to get close to the hanger before we were found out. Took out the guards, then went inside. In the hanger we defeated the guards, but not before they managed to delete some info from their computers and possibly the ship.

I have failed.

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


I’m all alone. Doubt, grief, anger, pain, and depression. Those are feelings that I’m not accustom too. It’s all I can do in following the Jedi code. The cathar in me wants revenge. These feeling will lead me to the dark side if I can’t control them. Sapha was one of the strongest Jedi that I had ever meet. She had so much potential….

We approached our ship with storm trooper in front of it. I had a plan. Mebo and Sapha was supposed to ride up to the ship and see what the storm troopers will do. I new they would attack us, because that is what they do. But Mebo and Sapha thought different. Sapha jumps off of her speeder and attempted to let it fly off into a storm trooper. I cloaked myself and got into position to attack the commander of the squad. But Mebo decides to use his speeder as a plow. He takes out three storm troopers, hits me and the squad commander. We take out the squad. The ship was grounded and we needed to go to the control tower to release it. We searched the ship and found a big bomb. Mebo is the man, or should I say the duros. The bomb had a remote detonator. We took the bomb out of the ship and found the ships of the squad. We planted the bomb in one of the ships. We go to the control tower, take out the guards and then headed up the tower.

There was Sith, a younger Clawdite. He was strong in the force. We fought. I was relying on Sapha to sway the battle. She is stronger and a better Jedi than I am. But she went down, the Sith pointed his lightsaber at her neck. I knew that I would have a problem taking him out, so I dropped my lightsaber and decided to throw my jet pack at his feet. I was hoping Mebo would use one of his grenades and explode the jet pack. But Mebo didn’t and the Sith smiled, I will never forget that look of delight that crossed his face. He took Sapha head off. I then drew my holdout pistol, shot and exploded the jet pack. It hurt the Sith but didn’t kill him. He used force grip, I felt a strong grip on my neck. I tried to breathe, nothing. I started to panic. This was it, all the unanswered questions, my pathetic life was over. I thought there would be a sense of serenity before I would die and then blackness.

I thought my time was at the ended, but I woke up in the back of a small service vehicle with Mebo driving. He had taken out the Sith with some grenades, but didn’t kill him. Because when I looked back to the control tower, I saw Sapha’s lightsaber ignited sticking out of the door. He knew our comlinks and told us he would find us.

We left on the ship, Mebo had unlocked the ship. As we were flying off we noticed the imperial ship blew up. When we left atmo, we encountered a Imperial destroyer. One of the biggest ships I have ever seen. We engaged a small squad of Tie fighters, took them out and then our nav computer was done with its calculations and we headed to Tatooine. We had some damage from the flight there and fixed the ship. We found a tracking device, placed it on another ship and left after refueling.

We held our package from the contact so he would contact us. He got in touch with us, showed us some reports and that he was trying to keeps us out of the Empire hands. He confirmed that he wants to take out the Empire, so we are still his pawns.


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