Rise of the Rebellion

What is Necessary

(A entry from Jedi Sai Jaxx personal journal)


I feel changed, there is a dark passenger in me now that is alien to me. But also comforting. I was deceived, I was betrayed, and my friend might be dead. I vowed vengeance, but realized that that I would lose myself to the dark side if I didn’t control it and train myself better for dealing with the dark side. I never was a good Jedi, but the Jedi order is dead. So I need to become someithing better than a Sith or a Jedi, something with purpose.

After I calmed down, I searched the facility and found a space suit with a full air tank and another air tank half full. There was no sign of Master Wu. I sat and meditated searching the area with the force and found a faint sign of a force user north of my location. I wanted to look for the Sith’s ship, but had no idea where it would be. I gathered up what little supplies I could find and set out across the inhospitable moon. I took almost all of my air, but I found the place, it was a ship building facility. The droids seem not to care as along as I stay away from the control and computers. I then found Master Wu, he was still in the stasis pod. It conformed my thoughts that the Sith Kid, found my weakness and exploited it. I not a computer guy, so I couldn’t get Master Wu out of the pod.

After a couple of days, Lihn’s ship arrived at the facility. Mebo comes out of the ship like there isn’t anything in the world wrong, followed by Lihn. Lihn looked at me, he new that I changed and seemed almost pleased. But for some reason it didn’t bother me. I’ve come to accept myself by then. I needed to talk to him, but not now. Mebo told me that he woke up in the ship and then went to the cock pit. He then realized that he wasn’t alone in the ship and saw Master Wu at the entrance to the cock pit. Master Wu seemed to almost blur, then change into the Sith Kid. Mebo realized that he was in trouble. The Sith told him he was going to die and then he would finish me off. Mebo tried to talk him into becoming friends. But Sith started to force choke him. Mebo managed to get free somehow, then made his way to the escape pod. Mebo escaped then turned off the ship and locked the Sith inside. He didn’t think that the Sith couldn’t get the ship activated by hacking over his own ability. As he floated his space, he managed to get a hold of Lihn. He showed up and took him back to look for me. More that likely the sith got out, but don’t know.

My friend is alive, but almost died because of me. I showed Lihn and Mebo where Master Wu was. Lihn opened the container. When Master Wu came out of stasis, could feel Lihn and my own dark side. He was revolted and sadden when he saw me. I had already changed out of my robes and sat them down at his feet. I told him he was safe and that a lot has changed. Lihn offered us supplies and went to his ship. Master Wu walked away, it would take him a minute to get his head straight. He must be disappointed, to say the least. Mebo started to work on getting us a way off this place. I went and talked to Lihn, we talked about his plans for the Empire and what would come to be if the Empire falls. He wants all the force users to survive and be able to practice the using the force. He doesn’t like how a Sith with years of waiting and plotting was able to take down the Republic. More damaged was caused because no one was looking out for the Republics best interest. I find myself drawn to what he is saying, but I realize that there has to be a group who is willing to do what is it is necessary to protect a stable government. He asked me to join him, I told him that I would be not become a Sith but something greater. We talked for a longer and I left.

We all waited a couple of days for Mebo’s ride to show. On the day that the ship arrived, I finally talked to Master Wu. He said that he had a vision, one day that the Jedi would fall and that I would rebuild the order. But what he couldn’t understand that I believe that I’m supposed to build something better. I have no doubt that there is some Jedi left, but they don’t have what it takes to help at this time. They can stay hidden, I will start something else. I gave my Jedi robes to my master, or should I say former master. Told him I was sorry and I’m not the Jedi he remembers. I don’t even know who that person is. He refused our offer for a ride, said that he didn’t want me to know information that could lead others to him. Master Wu said that he already had a ride coming.

I talked to Lihn after that. I asked him to not to pick a fight with my former master and kill him. Master Wu deserves to experience what the universe is and possibly see what we went through. Mebo and I left, after Mebo talked to Master Wu. We left and after we reached a certain distance away from the facility Lihn left. We went back to the facility, but it was shut down and locked up tight. As we left, I said my final good by to my former master.

We decided to go back to Raxus Prime. Upon getting there we got a message from the Contact and we got a suicidal plan of taken over a Star destroyer and then freeing the wookie people. There was some other facts about ground support, but it was almost too insane to comprehend. We decide to enlist the help of Lihn to help us build a ship and plan for this mission. He arrived and the construction when under way.

Lihn and I had a conservation again about what I was planning. I explained that if we take down the empire and build a new government, then we needed a group that will do what it takes to protect their leader, their government and their people. I told him that I wanted to start the Praetorian Guard. I showed him a date pad called Praetorian Guard Structure. He believes with the right training that people with a strong mind and heart, they could do what it takes with the dark side and still keep their humanity. I told him that I would join him, but only through starting the Praetorian Guard. He told me that he was the Contact and that he knew that I would do this. I accepted him as my master. He explained more about himself and why he has been doing what he has been doing. He a more apprentices and that I would be directly below him in rank for now on. He had the twins come and help with the work. The twins are clones with Sith alchemy that has helped them become stronger.

I worked on my plans for the Praetorians. While Mebo built a ship and outfitted another ship, that one is actually the one we stole a little while back. Lihn and I trained a lot and he showed me some talents that would help me become a better warrior. Mebo and I designed a set of Neo-crusader Armor, but I had to convince Mebo to become part of the order so he could get some information on Lihn’s armor.

Mebo finished and then started to plan on taking a destroyer. We knew that they would send their fleet of Tie ships against us before we could board the ship. We planned on taking out their ships before getting aboard and closing he bay doors. We would fight our way to the bridge and take the ship. We have a army of droid soldiers from the Geonosian’s home world factory. We would use them with ship after we take it and then use them on the ground of Kashyyyk to free the wookies. We are using the destroyer to take out the majority of the ground force’s heavy equipment then come in with the fighter ships to clean up the rest and provide support to the droids.



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