Force Techniques

Force Techniques kind of blow, revisions as follows:

General Revisions
If your character has a Force Technique specific to one power, you may always reroll your Use the Force check when activating that Force Power. You must take the reroll result, even if it’s worse than the original.

Force Point Mastery
Choose a single Force Power. Henceforth, when you activate that Force Power, you are treated as though you spent a Force Point to activate the power without expending a Force Point. Force Powers with no special benefits from Force Point expenditures cannot be selected for this Technique.

Force Power Mastery
Choose a single Force Power. Instead of rolling to activate that Force Power, your character instead treats all activation rolls as though an 11 was rolled. Your character may always choose to roll an activation roll if preferred.

Improved Battle Strike
You may apply the bonus to hit and damage from Battle Strike to all attacks made during a full attack action.

Improved Cloak
You may maintain cloak as a swift action from turn to turn. Any character may attempt to locate you with a successful Perception check as a free action once per round. Success reveals the location of the square you occupy. Success by 5 or more negates the normal penalty associated with making an attack roll against a target with full concealment.

Improved Convection
Convection may be used on any melee weapon, not just unarmed strikes. Weapons deal fire damage from Convection in addition to the weapons base damage. Additional damage from Convection is calculated separately from the weapon damage and therefore does not multiply on a critical hit with the weapon, but neither is it lessened by damage reduction or energy resistance.

Improved Crucitorn
Crucitorn can be maintained from round to round with the expenditure of a swift action. In addition, it applies against all types of damage and against all powers while active.

Improved Dark Rage
When using Dark Rage, you ignore the restriction of not being able to use skills or perform tasks that require patience and concentration. Further, Dark Rage lasts for the entire encounter without the need to spend a Force Point. Finally, activating Dark Rage becomes a free action which can be activated at any time in the round (even during a surprise round).

Improved Dark Transfer
Your character never moves down the condition track when using Dark Transfer. In addition, if you activate Dark Transfer on a target that has died within a number of minutes equal to your Use the Force check, the target is brought back to life with one hit point and down four persistent steps on the condition track. The persistent condition requires eight hours of rest to remove. The force user may not use this power to bring a target back to life more than once per encounter.

Improved Detonate
If an object is destroyed using Improved Detonate, the object quite literally explodes. Every creature or target adjacent to the object compares the Use the Force check of the initial activation against their Reflex Defense. If the force user’s check equals or exceeds their Reflex Defense, the target take damage equal to the damage dealt to the object. If the user’s check does not overcome their Reflex Defense, adjacent targets take half the damage.

Improved Drain Energy
After successfully draining an object, if the force user has a similar object in hand he can use the energy from the drained object to power his own. With a successful Use the Force check, the character can completely recharge an item within 6 squares of the same size or smaller.

Improved Far Seeing
The force user expands his ability with Farseeing to glimpse immediately into the future which gives him precognitive insights at critical moments. The force user may expend a single use of Farseeing as a reaction to grant himself a reroll on any d20 roll. Additionally, the user may see the surroundings of the Farseeing target (approximately 6 squares) without expending a force point.

Improved Force Blast
Beginning in an adjacent square of the force user’s choosing, Force Blast continues to affect all squares in a line of the wielder’s choosing out to its maximum range unless successfully rebuked by another force user. Damage is only rolled once and applied to all affected targets. Improved Force Blast is stopped by any solid object with a combined Damage Reduction and Hit Points greater than the damage dealt but otherwise damages solid objects normally.

Improved Force Disarm
The range of Force Disarm improves to 12 squares and the target does not receive the usual +10 bonus to Reflex Defense against disarm attempts. As a reaction to a successful Force Disarm, the force user may also make a DC 20 Use the Force check to catch the disarmed item provided he has a single hand free to do so.

Improved Force Grip
The range of Force Grip improves to 12 squares. Further, you may choose to the move the target of a successful Force Grip up to 6 squares in any direction as a move equivalent action. If you move the target outside the range of Force Grip, the power immediately ceases to continue.

Improved Force Lightning
You can choose to activate Force Lightning as a full round action. When doing so, the power changes from a single target with a 6 square range to a 6 square cone.

Improved Force Shield
Force Shield may be maintained as a swift action (instead of a standard). Provided the shield has not been reduced to 0, the force user may spend a standard action to make a DC 20 Use the Force check to restore 5 points to his shield rating. Doing so does not count as an additional use of Force Shield and the Force User may not raise his Force Shield above the activation rating.

Improved Force Slam
You may maintain Force Slam as a standard action each round provided the target area doesn’t change. The power does not expire until you cease concentrating on it. Force users damaged while targeting this power must make a Use the Force check equal to 15 + the amount of damage taken. Finally, for every 5 by which you exceed the target’s Damage Threshold with your Use the Force check while activating or maintaining this power, the target is pushed back one square. If you fail to overcome the target’s Damage Threshold, the target must still make a Grapple check against your Use the Force check to move through the area of your Force Slam toward you.

Improved Force Stun
The range of Force Stun increases to 12 squares. In addition, if your Use the Force check exceeds the targets Will Defense, the target loses its action on the following turn.

Improved Force Thrust
You push the target 2 squares plus 2 squares for every 5 by which your Use the Force check overcomes the target’s Strength check. In addition, upon colliding with an object, the target takes 1d6 damage for every square of movement remaining. Targets thrown straight up take 1d6 falling damage per 2 squares fallen.

Improved Kinetic Combat
You may simultaneously control three weapons at once. This does not grant additional attacks, but if your character possesses double or triple attack and uses Kinetic Combat with multiple weapons of the same type, he can make move multiple weapons (two with Double Attack, three with Triple Attack) and make a single attack as a full round action.

Improved Levitate
While using Levitate, your character can move in any direction, not just up. In addition, you can activate Levitate as a reaction to falling before impacting with a surface to arrest your fall.

Improved Mind Trick
Your character can use Mind Trick to alter the memories of the target or implant false ones that were never there. Sum up the changes your character wants to effect in a target with a single sentence. If your Use the Force check exceeds the targets Will Defense then the target is affected accordingly. The GM fills in the specifics of the memory. Examples include “We’re old war buddies from the battle of Yavin” or even something drastic such as “You left the empire when you found out they were responsible for the death of your wife, remember?” Mind Trick still cannot be used on a character with a character level equal to or higher than yours.

Improved Move Object
The range of your Move Object increases to 12 squares. In addition, when you choose to deal damage with an object affected by Move Object, you do not lose concentration of the power until the end of your turn and may attack multiple targets with the same object provided the object is moved in a straight line and within the normal restriction of 6 squares.

Improved Negate Energy
Upon activating Negate Energy, your character may attempt to negate damage from every energy source until the beginning of his next by expending a single use of Negate Energy.

Improved Phase
Maintaining Phase is now a swift action. In addition, a character using Phase can shift through any matter, such as water or shields, while Phase is active. Phase does not prevent damage if the substance is inherently harmful to the force user, so phasing through a river of lava would still result in massive burns.

Improved Prescience
By spending a single force point, the bonus from Prescience applies against the target for the rest of the encounter. In addition, the bonus also applies against skill checks. Finally, the bonus can be switched to another opponent as a swift action.

Improved Rebuke
As a reaction to an ally within 12 squares being targeted by a force power, you may activate Rebuke on their behalf. If you and the target both declare a reaction to the force power, roll an Initiative check to determine who acts first. After each reaction is resolved, the next reaction may either proceed or the character can forego it.

Improved Surge
You may maintain the bonuses from Surge each round provided your character continues to take the run action each subsequent round. Failing to do so on any consecutive round deactivates Surge and requires that, in order to regain the bonus, it be activated once more. Running while Surge is maintained otherwise follows the rules for the Run action as outlined in the Endurance skill (Core p.66).

Improved Vital Transfer
Your character never takes damage from using Vital Transfer. Further, you can forego the healing benefits of Vital Transfer to provide the target with one of the following effects: negate all debilitating conditions (including steps down the condition track), remove all diseases from the target (your Use the Force check must meet or exceed the Treat Injury difficulty of the disease), or remove all toxins and poisons from the target (your Use the Force check must meet or exceed the Treat Injury difficulty of the toxin).

Language Absorption
As a standard action, your character can learn any language spoken by a sentient being within 6 squares and line of sight. If the target is not willing, you must make a Use the Force check with the target’s Will Defense as the difficulty. Languages learned in this fashion last for 24 hours and the character may choose to substitute a language he knows for one learned when this power expires. Effectively, the character loses a single language of his choice and learns the language absorbed with this Force Technique instead.

Force Techniques

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