A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…



It is a dark time for the galaxy. A Sith Lord known as Darth Sidious has risen to power and assumed control over the Galactic Empire, of which he’s named himself the sole ruler. His apprentice, Darth Vader, scours the galaxy for the remnants of the Jedi order and other force sensitive creatures with brutal strike teams that show no mercy. Every race not human is shunned and outcast by the human dominant empire and entire systems live in fear of the massive navy and army of clone troopers the empire commands.

Despite this, a few systems have begun to stir. Alien races find themselves at common odds with the newly formed empire and, despite being cut off from one another by the military seizing the holonet, stir with unrest that is slowly growing into hostility further nurtured by their oppression. Like so much sand, systems begin slipping through the fingers of a tightening Imperial grip.

Trouble looms for the entire galaxy as a shadow rests over all, but somewhere near the outer rim a few unlikely heroes begin a journey that will change the face of the galaxy forever…


Rise of the Rebellion Jonathonathon